What is an escape room?

Maybe you’ve heard a little about escape rooms, but you don’t want to try it because:

  • “I’m claustrophobic.”
  • “The room will be too scary.”
  • “I won’t be any help at all.”

Simply give us a call or drop by, and we’ll give you a sneak peek into the rooms! Our rooms are good sized -- not small enough to feel trapped. In addition, the door is always unlocked...
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The Timekeeper's Trapped!

1-hr room for 4-10 guests

Our original room! Widely considered one of the best rooms in the Chicagoland area!

Escape Factor Game Show 3.jpg

Bonus Fun Time Game Show Challenge

1-hr room for 3-8 guests

Have a groovy time trying to win this week's grand prize in the Winners' Circle!


The Waiting Room of Dr. Awk C. Abmoor

30-min room for 2-4 guests

Dr. Awk C. Abmoor is "Backward Room" in reverse! ?naem taht seod tahW