Frequently Asked Questions


Our rooms are open to all ages 7 years and above.  However, because of the difficulty and complexity of the puzzles, we recommend ages 10+.

K-8 POLICY: All (1-hour) Saturday rooms containing children K-8 MUST be booked as a private room  (select "book entire experience").  For non-private (public) bookings on other days,  at least one paid adult must accompany the children.

Guests under the age of 18 must arrive with a completed waiver signed by their parent or guardian before being allowed in the room.

Unfortunately, children under the age of 7 are not allowed in the rooms. 

are we actually locked in the room?

While the room may have locks on doors, there will always be an open and unlocked exit at all times. Should you leave the room for any reason, however, you will not be permitted to re-enter. 

are your room escapes dangerous?

There is nothing dangerous about our room escapes, as long as you use some common sense and follow directions.

how many people can participate in a room?

Due to limited space, we can accommodate up to 10 participants in our rooms.

For larger groups, please contact us and we can divide you into multiple teams by booking you in back-to-back sessions with less time in between groups.

For smaller parties, please note that your group may be joined by other guests unless you reserve the entire room.  If you have fewer than the minimum participants required for a room and wish to experience one of our 60-minute rooms, please give us a call at 708-943-7227 and we will do our best to book you into a partially-filled room.

What time should I arrive? How long does the whole experience take?

Please arrive promptly for your scheduled time slot. At your start time, your group will sign waivers, be briefed on rules and regulations, and take any last minute restroom breaks.  After 15 minutes, your event will begin even if your whole group has not yet arrived.

For the 1-hr room, the event is exactly a sixty minute experience in itself. After the sixty minutes, there will be a brief overview of the game and a chance for group photos. In all, the whole experience may take about 90 minutes.

can we extend our TIME if we haven't yet escaped?

Unfortunately you cannot extend beyond sixty minutes (or thirty minutes for the "mini-escapes") because we may have other groups scheduled after yours. We need to ensure that we reset the room and are prepared for the next scheduled group.

I'm running late, can I still join my group?
what is your cancellation policy?

We run on a very tight schedule, and cannot admit anyone once their room escape has started.  As each time slot has a restricted quantity of "seats" available for purchase, all ticket sales are final and no refunds will be granted to late-comers or cancellations.

can I book my own private room?

Yes, you can book your own private room, however, you will still need to purchase the room as a "private event", or other guests may still book the same time slot with you.  Simply select the "book entire experience" checkbox next to the "Private Event" option upon checkout.  Guests in K-8 are welcome to use one of the purchased admissions.  For larger groups, please contact us and we can divide you into multiple teams by booking you in simultaneous or back-to-back sessions.

What is your policy for food & beverages?

All food and drinks are prohibited from being brought into the actual room escape. Please note, we have the right to refuse anyone who appears to be intoxicated and absolutely no refunds will be issued.


There is free three-hour street parking on Madison St.  There are also numerous parking meters on the streets off of Madison.

Are cell phones & electronics allowed in the room?

All electronic devices must be powered off. Taking photos, videos, or any other electronic recordings are strictly prohibited as we'd like to prevent any spoilers for our future guests. We reserve the right to confiscate any electronic devices should they be used within the room.  These devices will be returned at the end of your session. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination and ejection from the game and no refunds will be given.

what should I wear?

Since a room can fit many people, we recommend wearing light comfortable clothing. Also, wear sensible shoes as you may be standing for the duration of the event.

Can you accommodate walk-ins?

We may be able to accommodate walk-ins.  However, if an event is running upon your arrival, you may find the front door locked or all rooms booked.  The best way to ensure availability is to book online ahead of time. 

other questions?

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us here.